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Get ready Panther Families! School Year 2014-15 is here!

All Children Can Achieve purr fect Panther Power.

Important Dates

•11/14/14 – Friday – End of 1st Trimester
•11/20/14 – Thursday – PTA meeting – MPR 8:30am
•11/24 -11/28 – Thanksgiving Break – NO SCHOOL
•12/2 – 12/5 – Holiday Gift Shop
•12/3/14 – Wednesday – Holiday Gift Shop after school
•12/5/14 – Friday – BBQ Lunch

I invite you to stay informed of our upcoming events as well as the goings-on of our school by joining the PTA President’s CONFIDENTIAL e-mail list
Our PTA meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 8:15 a.m. in MPR.
PTA President’s e-mail list



Bring Your Own Device Pilot Guidelines

In an effort to increase the use of technology and the 21st Century skills of` creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication OUSD will allow personal devices on our wireless network for students.
  • Students are more connected to their own device
  • Creates true Personalized Learning opportunities
  • Better prepares students for the twenty-first century workplace
  • Provides a learning resource that matches the pace of the student’s schedule
More Information

We have lots of very exciting things happening

We are equally as excited to share them with the rest of the world.

Featured News of The Month

Holiday Gift Shop is Coming!

Your child is invited to attend our upcoming “Holiday Gift Shoppe” program at school December 1st through 5th. Each class will have a designated time for shopping. It will also be open for everyone after school Wednesday and during BBQ lunch that Friday.

This event is not a fundraiser for the school, rather this exciting program enables children to purchase their own special holiday gifts for family and friends and to “Experience the Joy of Giving”.

The gifts will be moderately priced. Some of the items which will be available to the children are jewelry, tools, plaques and coffee mugs. We will have a wide variety of different gifts for the children to choose from.

We are very excited about the value of this program as a learning experience. Children can do chores around the house to earn money to shop for their family if you choose.

We need adult volunteers to help during the shop! Click here to sign up. Be sure to click on the calendar to choose a date and time you are available to assist. Thank you! 


Please contact Kitzi Kim with any questions.

Reflections – The World Would Be a Better Place if…


Congratulations to all the students who participated in the PTA Reflections program!  You have made the world a better place by sharing your art with us!!

Primary – Visual Arts
Award of Excellence – Bradyn Wick*
Award of Merit – Sienna Rinaldi

Intermediate – Visual Arts
Award of Excellence – Blake Archung*
Award of Merit – Avery Archung
Award of Honor – Nicholas Mumpower

Intermediate – Dance
Award of Excellence – Avery Archung*
Award of Merit – Blake Archung

Primary – Photography
Award of Excellence – Brett Erickson*

Primary – Literature
Award of Excellence – Laina Yasmura*

Intermediate – Literature
Award of Excellence – Katherine Mumpower*
Award of Merit – Yasmeen Kazaz

Intermediate- Film
Award of Excellence – Gracie Silberman*
Award of Merit – Brooke Perez

*Award of Excellence recipients will have their artwork forwarded to the Orange Unified School District level of competition.

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School News

PTA News


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Holiday Gift Shop is Coming!

Your child is invited to attend our upcoming “Holiday Gift Shoppe” program at school December 1st through […]

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Free In-N-Out Burgers!

In-N-Out Burger “Cover to Cover” Reading Program
October 4 through November 15
Kids ages 4 […]


Earn Money for AHES while you shop!


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Ralphs will donate up to 4%

Ralphs will donate up to 4% of qualified purchases to AHES!

Obtain your Ralph’s club […]

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Take Charge of Education

Raising funds for our school is as easy as using your REDcard®. Designate our […]

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Box Tops 4 Education

AHES earns $0.10 for every qualifying Box Top submitted!
Find the logo on these products, […]

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Llabels For Education

Clip and earn free stuff for AHES!

CLIP – Clip and save UPCs and beverage/ sauce […]

What Else Does PTA Do? We’ll Tell You!

As the newly elected PTA president, I would like to welcome back returning students and families! I also extend a very heartfelt welcome to our new AHES families! To all of you, I look forward to making 2013-2014 a fun and productive year.

To the PTA Executive board, committee chair leaders and all of our volunteers, I look forward to working with all of you this school year, some for the first time. I know we will have a great year because of the dedicated and amazing volunteers we have on the PTA.

The purpose of the PTA is to first and foremost support our students. In addition, it supports the faculty, staff, parents, and the local community. “Every Child-One Voice” is the National PTA motto and the PTA is one of the strongest voices in the educational process that directly supports our children and school. This year will be no different. Your PTA has been focused on preparing an enhanced educational environment for all of our students.

Art Masters’ teacher-artists conduct hands-on studio art activities enabling students to create their own individual works of art in the manner of the master artist or art subject, using the same styles, techniques, media and disciplines.
Each year we need to come up with this money to renew our lease for the equipment in the computer lab. Every 5 years we get new computers and that is happening this year! The old computers from the lab will go into the classrooms.
This year we have generated enough funds to justify a P.E. coach 3 days a week! Matt Casado will be joining us Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays for the 2012-2013 school year, and we are so excited to have him! He will coach grades 1st-5th. (The teachers facilitate PE for Kinder & 6th grade).
This money goes towards the renewal of licenses such as Reading Counts.